Choreography & Commissions

94: My Sorrow My Song {c}
95: Passing Moments {c}
96: Suspended Steps {c}
97: Mirror of Souls {c}
98: Siren’s Song {c}
98: Delicate Dance of Ghosts Video
00: Morir Por Ti (I would die for you)
01: At the Still Point of the Turning World {c}
01: Subject of Icons {c}
02: Touching Tongues
02: 100 Nights on a Full Blue Moon
03: Mary Queen of Scots
04: Cries and Whispers {c}
05: Dangerous Touch
06: To Have and to Hold (Vier Stark Frauen) {c}
07: “Say it’s not True”
07: Rainbow Water Drops {c}
07: Bulwark (Film)
08: Bodies of heavenly Delights
09: High Infidelity Opera {c}
09: Innova International Fashion Show {c}
09: Chora
10: The Tendency Towards Complexity {c}
11: Blind Minds
11: The Derailed Efforts of a Wanted Silence {c}