Choreographies can be performed by Norman Douglas & Company or staged for other professional companies. They can be presented individually, or combined to create full-length programmes.


Chora is a space, which is, both eternal and indestructible, and it provides a position for everything that comes into being. The work explores the psychoanalytic challenge of the other self or the clash of ego’s that constantly fight for control within the deranged depths of the disillusioned mind. The archaic drive to separate is constantly fighting the suffocating needs of the other.

Choreography: Norman Douglas
Dancers: Steffi Reintzsch & Jennifer Mann
Music: Alfred Schnittke

Say I'ts Not True

Solo for female dancer by Norman Douglas, set to the music of Alfred Schnittke. This solo is a disturbing meditation of one woman's life, her name was Camille Claudel and she was one of the great artists of the late 19th century. This solo is my response to the late period of her tragic life and not an autobiographical statement of her loss of liberty and sadness, but a comment on a society that she could not be allowed to survive in. (For Camille 1864 - 1943)

Dancer: Steffi Reintzsch
Choreography: Norman Douglas
Lighting: Milos
Music: Alfred Schnittke
Collage: Heike Franziska Bartsch

Solo for female dancer with minimum stage space is 8 m x 8 m general wash lighting with one profile on the floor USR pointing to DSL. During the work a photo collage is also involved for the duration of the work so also need a high profile computer and beamer or projector. Gels used in this production, orange, pale blue and rose.
Duration 10mins

Touching Tongues

Spiegel im Spiegel is danced by artistic director Norman Douglas. This solo is a dark look a world behind closed doors, what secrets does this man hide? Why is he so afraid to let the world touch him? Caught up in his hysteria and paranoia he confides and then tortures the only person who knows his secrets, his teddy bear.

Choreography: Norman Douglas
Dancer: Norman Douglas
Music: Arvo Part
Lighting: Cearsare Malatesta

Solo for male dancer minimum stage space is 8mx8m main lighting is 2 profile spots USL and C/C the rest of the stage is very dark with low general wash set only at half. Only white light used in this production.
Duration 10mins

Rainbow Waterdrops

We live in a world that is not what it seems; we are forced to make decisions about love, pleasure, pain, longing to be loved in a second often with disastrous outcomes. This work should be viewed as you would view a small art movie, people, spaces, places and situations move in and out of focus giving a small glimpse of different times, thought's and desires. Nothing is, as it seems.

My hands see you in darkened dreams as my eye lashes flicker across the Rainbow Water Drops, the music smells the chocolate aroma that lingers with perfumed joy, flowers that laugh at love kissing the sunrise like a pair of sad ears that no longer smell you. The pleasure of love touches my lips like butterflies dancing a tango with white feathered wings.

Do You Love Me?
Do You Really Love Me????????????????

Choreography: Norman Douglas
Dancers: The Company of Leipzig Dance Theatre
Music: Big Border Breaker, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Underworld, Jan Gabarek
Lighting: Ralf

Choreographic work for nine dancers, 4 body builders and one female Andy Warhol, the minimum stage space for this large scale work is 13m x 13m. The lighting is simple, 2 profiles at the beginning followed by general washes using blues, rose red and orange gels. There is projection of text in the last section of the work so a beamer or projector is needed plus a high profile computer.
Duration 30mins

Vier Starke Frauen (Four Strong Women)

Our addiction and craving for love feeds the beast that lurks beneath in the darkest corners of our souls, the fear of being incomplete. We shop, fuck complete strangers, change partners, drink until we collapse into a complete stupor in the pursuit of happiness, then descend into a terrible abyss self annilalation and drugs. Why do they choose to live in alone in a world were they are unable to form healthy sexual relationships, living in a world of extremes, the fear of no longer being young.

Choreography: Norman Douglas
Assistant to Choreographer: Steffi Reintzsch
Dancers: Rebecca Eschkotte, Anja Spitzer, Jana Posth, Katie Wood
Lighting: Simon Gane

Choreographic work for 4 dancers, 1 actor the minimum stage space for this work is 10m x 10m. The lighting is simple general washes using purple, rose and green gels. There is also needed 1 large mirror ball for the last section.
Duration 30mins

Cries and Whispers

Love offers no solutions to the pain of reality, and in the end you will be alone only with yourself. No matter how you try to hold on, it will never rest until the darkness seeps through your fingers as wet as the tears that fell, when the desire to grasp, fell dead at your feet. Only then can you whisper and cry to yourself the truth that you could not face, that it was addiction to that feeling of hope, which became your biggest fear.

Choreography: Norman Douglas
Dancers: Anna H.N. Bussey & Theo Ndindwa
Music: Gyorgy Ligeti, Big Border Breaker
Lighting: Cearsare Malatesta

Duet for male and female dancers minimum stage space is 10mx10m main lighting is 2 profile spots USR for male dancer at beg and C/C for female dancer at beg, the rest of the stage is very dark with low general wash set only at half. Gels used for this work are lilac and red.
Duration 13mins

Dangerous Touch

Set to a haunting score for cello this solo once again takes us on a journey to the dark side of the often harrowing and brutal relationship between a father and son. The distance and the sadness that all too often we face, but can never truly understand, until the pain screams for an answer that never arrives: Why?????????????????????

Choreography: Norman Douglas
Dancer: Norman Douglas
Actor: Eric Tessier-Lavigne
Music: Dmitry Shostakovich
Lighting: Guy

Solo for male dancer and one actor/dancer minimum stage space is 8mx8m main lighting is 1 profile spot USR for male act/dancer and is on for the completion of the work, the rest of the stage is very dark with low general wash set only at half. Gels used for this work are pale blue, rose and orange.
Duration 11mins

Morir por ti (I would die for you)

The work deals with issues surrounding the obsessive nature of relationships. How a loving sharing experience can descend into something haunting, dark and finally destructive. "Oh benediction of loves' love, flow over me and release me from mortal obsession, this day-to-day combat that suffers the mind and wastes the body. I am done and so undone in loving I cannot think at all and feel even less."

Direction & Choreography: Norman Douglas
Dancers: Tone Gellein & Eric Tessier-Lavigne
Music: Big Border Breaker, Nino Bravo, Zoviet*France
Lighting: Davey
Text: Sandra White & Norman Douglas
Voice overs: Tone Gellein & Norman Douglas

This duet for 1 male and 1 female dance involves chairs, flowers both fresh and old and the minimum stage space for this large scale work is 10m x10m. The lighting is simple, 2 profiles at the beginning followed by general washes using purple, rose red and orange gels, 2 profiles at the back for the duration of the work with red gels There is projection of flowers for the duration of the work so a beamer or projector is needed plus a high profile computer.
Duration 1 Hour

100 Nights on a Full Blue Moon

The life of the Romany people is often filled with tragedy, distrust and myth, but through it all the music is there to console. They laugh, cry and live with a passionate embrace, their thirst for the joys of love are balanced with the sadness of death, always knowing that they could be next. The music is universal, their passion for life never diminished.

Choreography: Norman Douglas
Dancers: The Company
Music: Traditional Balkan music
Lighting: Guy

This large scale work for 10 dancers needs a minimum stage space of 15mx15m for this large scale work. The lighting is simple, 4 profiles in a row at the back of the stage at the beginning followed by general washes using purple, rose red and orange and green gels, plus 1 mist machine to be supplied by the producing theatre. At the end of the work a 1 profile C/C is needed with white light and a gobo (provided by the company).
Duration 30mins

At the Still Point of the Turning World

Creative Scotland Award 2000 This work tells the story of a young woman’s spirit emerging from the sand and dreaming of the life she might have had. The animation interacts with the choreography, the two dancers and their shadows, creating an ethereal dream-world as different aspects are engaged, dance, music and animation.

Choreography: Norman Douglas
Animation: Jessica Langford
Music: Marina Adamia.

Sirens‘ Song

Deep down in the oceans, the whales are singing their call. Reminiscent of the magical powers of sirens, re-echoing tales of resistance and schemes of survival, this choreography is about the fascination of female allure.

Group Work for 6, 7 or 8 female dancers
Music: Whale Sounds, Claude Debussy, Sonata for Violin and Cello
Duration: 20 minutes
Lighting Requirements: General wash
Stage requirements: minimum 10 x 12 meters